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Create a Club or District Waiver

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How to Create a Club or District Waiver

  1. Navigate to the District tab (or the My CLUB tab, they both work the same) and click the icon for “District Waivers

2. Once you have clicked the icon, a screen will appear listing any Waivers you have already uploaded. If you haven’t uploaded any, it will tell you that instead.

3. If you want to upload a new waiver, click on the “Add Waiver” button

4. On the Add Waiver screen, there are 6 fields, they are all required. 

Waiver file: You can click the “Choose File” button and browse to the waiver document (PDF) that you want to upload, or you can drag and drop the file onto the “Choose File” button. IMPORTANT: the file you upload must be a regular (flat) pdf.  If you upload a fillable form, the user may not be able to see it, depending on the browser they are using and how its settings are configured.

Document Name: This will help you differentiate your waivers later.  Good names would include “2022 Golf Outing”, “2021 Annual Registration”, etc.

Instructions: There is some default text that populates this box, but you may alter it or replace it completely with whatever instructions you want.

Valid Starting date: the date that you want the Waiver to start being available for signature.  The Waiver will not be available for signature until you assign this date.

Valid Until date: the date that you want the waiver to stop being available for signature. You may edit this date later if needed.

Agreement Text: You can type this in or copy/paste from another document. However, we recommend pasting it into a text document first to remove odd formatting issues from Word or Excel.  This is what the members are agreeing to, usually something like “I Agree to all agreements on the Waiver”.  There is some default text here as well, but you can adjust it or replace it as needed.

IMPORTANT: you must insert at least one checkbox in order for us to track the users’ signature

When you click on the checkbox to insert it, it will ask you to name the checkbox.  It’s not important what you name it, but if you have multiple checkboxes, they must have different names.  Once you’ve named it, click the OK button.

5. Once you have finished entering all required fields, click the “SUBMIT” button

6. If you did not fill out a required field, it will notify you.

7. If you entered everything required, and clicked the SUBMIT button, you should see two things on the next screen:

    a. A notification that the Waiver was uploaded successfully

    b. The new Waiver in your list

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